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Profile Design Aerodrink Base Bar

Profile Design Aerodrink Base Bar. Simple and basic, this new bracket by Profile Design is probably one of my favorite new products.

  With this new bracket, your aero drink mounts directly onto your base bar, freeing up space from your cockpit and brings it closer to your body.  For a lot of people, it makes it easier to drink from this new position.  This bracket is also a lot more secure, and reduces any excessive rattling, as it allows the bottle to “click-in” place.

The bracket is for use with Profile Design aero drink bottles.  To see more Profile Design products, check out their brand page.

Profile Design T3+ Aero Bars

This is the Profile Design T3+ Aero Bar.  Profile Design’s T3+ Aerobar features multi-position drop-bend extensions for an aggressive position in Time Trial or Triathlon races.

6061-T6 aluminum extensions and forged brackets are light yet durable. Plus, the length, width, and rotation adjustment make it easy to dial-in the perfect position.

The T3+ also includes comfortable F-19 armrests (which are also length and rotationally adjustable) and the MULTI-FIT System, which accommodates both 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars. Additional J2 Brackets for offer an adjustable lower arm position.

The beauty of the T3+ Aero bar is that it angles upward so that your hands can stay in a neutral aero position.  This is particularly important especially if going to a flat aggressive position is much too drastic.

Profile Design Altair 52 Semi-Carbon Clincher


After wrapping up a few things at work, I went to the bike maintenance area to install the Altair 52 Semi Carbon Clinchers that were dropped by Profile Design for me and a few of the staff to demo.

I did a quick swap of the cassette and wheels in what seemed like record time, and was on my way home to the trail that funnels to Newport Beach.
A picture of the two aero wheel sets looking sexy in our studio.  Directly pictured is the Altair 80 Full Carbon Clincher

I squeezed in a ride about an hour 20 minutes, so I was able to get a good sense of what this deep dish wheel set could do when it comes to riding.  The feel of the wheels were undeniably carbon with an aluminum bead and braking surface, thus leading to its name, Semi-Carbon Clincher.  The weight of the wheels are listed at 1756 grams without the quick release.  A natural well-known wheel set in the same class is the Zipp 404.  In comparison for comparison’s sake, Zipp’s 404 clincher wheel set wins by about 100 grams at 1,658.  But in terms of value, function, and what you’ll get, I think Profile Design’s Altair is a no brainer.
Stiff and lightweight, I really liked how these aero wheels felt during my ride.  The winning points for the Altair 52 Carbon Clincher are its versatility and function, at its price point of only $1698.95.  With a 52mm section, it’s fast yet considerate enough of potential crosswinds that would affect a rider.  Included in the purchase of a Profile Design wheel set are 6 extra spokes, a spoke tool, skewers, valve extenders, and the backing of Profile Design’s industry leading customer service.
The Background on Profile Design Wheels
The story on Profile Design Wheels is that they’re a product of 2 years of research and development.  These deep dish wheels are unique to Profile Design, and are proprietary in nature.  They were designed using computational fluid dynamic software that calculates the interaction between the wheels and the elements (wind, air, fluid flows).  Instead of going with a wheel design and approach that benefits only the top 1% of athletes, Profiles Design factored in real world conditions, and more realistic competitive speeds in its production.  What this means is that you don’t have to be averaging 26+mph on a 40k TT course to reap the wheels’ benefit.
The Altairs are individually hand-built, and showcases some high-end features, such ahigh temperature resin, proprietary carbon lay-up, sealed cartridge bearings and bladed spokes with hidden nipples.


The Altair 52 Semi Carbon Clincher wheel set is excellent for all sorts of purposes – Tuesday night crit, triathlons, training, and TTs.  Its number one selling point is that it delivers performance, its craftsmanship is backed by its manufacturer, and in comparison to what is often in the market, it’s at a lower price point.  The wheel set is on my wish list!

Profile Design – Wahoo Wetsuit Review

Over the weekend at IM 70.3 Oceanside, I spotted a pro female exiting the water in a Profile Design Wahoo.  I did a second take, as I always thought it was merely an entry-level wetsuit!

The truth is that it is an “entry-level” suit, but there’s really more than what meets the eye – and after a bit of research I found the Wahoo to be a pretty killer deal.

Wahoo Profile Design

Priced at $199, the suit was designed by an industry expert in triathlon wetsuits named Karen Sing.  Prior to coming on board with Profile Design, she was the Wetsuit Product Manager at Zoot.  She designed the Wahoo as an entry-level wetsuit, but it has features of wetsuits that cost nearly twice as much.

Carefully thought out and crafted, the suit features:

  • SCS coating!  This is probably the greatest feature on this wetsuit for the price.  SCS (Super Composite Skin) Coating reduces friction, and assists the swimmer to glide through the water better.
  • A lower collar to reduce chafing;
  • 4 mm wetsuit thickness on the front (torso) that goes to the knee for buoyancy and body positioning;
  • 1.5mm sleeve for flexibility and shoulder rotation;
  • Sleeve cuffs are cut higher so it’s easier to get out of the suit (and to check your watch);
  • 3mm leg also cut higher for faster exit in transition;
  • 20 inch YKK zipper (this is money, as any zipper I had growing up that was a YKK never failed me!);
  • Backed by Profile Design’s world-class customer service and warranty.  This is probably what I value the most – they really stand behind their product.  Since I’ve started working in the industry, Profile Design (and a few others) have really stood out when it came to professionalism and attention to the customer.

You can buy noticeable speed with higher end wetsuits on the market, there’s no doubt about it. But the bottom line is that Profile Design Wahoo really is a product of something special. It’s an amazing triathlon suit and extremely well constructed for its price point.