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Superfeet Insoles Guide for Triathletes

If you’re a triathlete and you don’t already wear insoles you’ve probably thought about using them at one point or another. Here’s a high level guide put together buy One Tri that gives you a rough idea of what insoles to get if you are considering purchasing a set from Superfeet.

Why Superfeet for triathletes:

  • An efficient stride can improve your time and reduce fatigue
  • Lightweight design provides support without weighing your feet down
  • Insoles that are specific to your shoe, specific to your activity, and specific to your feet
  • Truly an athletic insole with anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and air circulating features
  • Superfeet provides top quality foot support and optimum comfort.

Info on Superfeet Insoles for Triathletes

* This content is pulled from the One Tri website and newsletters with permission. I wanted to share it on this site to have a consolidated resource. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.