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Giro Advantage 2 Aero Helmet Sale

Here’s an awesome find for our deals section.

I’ve seen this Giro helmet on sale before but not at this price! It might be a typo so go get one right away. Get one of the best-selling aero helmets in history. It looks like the Advantage 2 is on sale only for a limited time so go grab one before they are all gone. This is a great helmet for triathlon, time trials, or Halloween parties.

If you’ve been waiting for the cheapest price, big deal, special price, or coupon wait no longer. Google it you’ll see the price is the lowest around. I’m pretty sure this won’t last.

Here’s what the site says about the helmet:
“… The Giro Advantage 2 Time Trial TT Aero Bike Helmet is shaped with input from the worlds fastest riders over 23 years. The choice of elite professionals like Alberto Contador, Levi Leipheimer, David Millar and Alejandro Velverde. The Advantage 2 represents the pinnacle of aerodynamic performance, fit and ventilation. Simply put, it’s what the world’s best riders wear when every thousandth of a second counts…”

Giro Advantage 2 on sale, there’s also a video review of the product on the site. I’ve embedded it here:

Black Friday Sales and More Deals

Check out the following Black Friday Sales for triathlon stores. If a store doesn’t have a specific Black Friday section then I will put a link to a sales, clearance, or deals section of the stores website. This post started as a Black Friday listing but I ended up finding all the links to the sales section of triathlon store websites. The best deal as of the “updated” date is at top.

Updated Wednesday 11/21/12

You get and additional 20% off almost everything on the site. This includes items already discounted from 20%-65% off! So everything is an awesome deal. This one is going to be hard to beat. Sale ends on Monday 11/26/12 so go check it out soon.

Here’s the banner directly from the website. Click the banner to be taken to the site.

Tri Zone
I don’t see the Black Friday Sale up on the site yet but they do have a Clearance Section with a selection of discounted items here:


Tri Village
I don’t see the Black Friday Sale up on the site yet but they do have a Clearance Section with a selection of discounted items here:


Tri Lab
I don’t see the Black Friday Sale up on the site yet but they do have a sale section here:



I don’t see the Black Friday Sale up on the site yet but they do have a Clearance Section with a selection of discounted items here:


Tri Sport’s Thanksgiving day sale is a 25% off coupon. This is great for regularly priced items. However you can stack a coupon on top of already discounted items which makes the deals much better.

Triathlete Sports
Again, no Black Friday Promotion up yet but here’s the link to the end of year clearance section:

Happy Shopping!

Black Friday Tri Gear Deals (Issue 2)

Update 11/22/11: Click here for the latest Black Friday Sale Updates

Issue 2 of our deals, specials, promotions, clearance, close-outs, and coupon search for tri equipment. If you landed on this page directly click on the “Deals” section above to see all issues of our deals.

Deal #1 – Men’s Tri Shorts 25% off
All3Sports.com: DE SOTO CARRERA TRI SHORT LOW-CUT – 2011 MEN’S $55.95 $41.99 Save 25%
Compare To:
TriSports.com: De Soto Men’s Carrera Low Cut Tri Short Regular price: $55.95 Sale Price: $44.47 You Save: 21%
SwimOutlet.com: DeSoto Men’s Carrera Tri Short Low Cut List Price: $58.00 Our Price: $55.95 You Save $2.05!
TriathleteSports.com: DeSoto Men’s Carrera Tri Short – Low Cut – 2011 – Price: $55.99 Sale: $49.99 You save $6.00!

Deal #2 – Triathlon Hooded Sweater 54% off
OneTri.com: Art of Tri Classics Hooded Sweatshirt $54.95 On Sale: $29.67 54% off
Compare to:
All3Sports.com: Art of Tri Classic Hoodie $54.95 $43.95 Save 21%

Deal #3 – Extreme Endurance $25 back with Purchase
OneTri.com: XEndurance Extreme Endurance 180 Capsule
, $37.95$25 gift card w/purchase (effectively 65% off)
Compare to:
TriSports.com: Extreme Endurance 180 count Regular price: $38.05
Amazon.com: Extreme Endurance 180 Tablets Price: $42.90

Deal #4 – Women’s Trisuit 30% off
TriathlonLab.com: De Soto Sports Womens Lift Foil Tri Speedsuit 2011, SKU17573 List price: $190.00 Price: $132.98
Compare to:
Sports Basement: DeSoto Women’s Liftfoil Speed Trisuit 2011 $152.00 Compare At: $195.00
TriSports.com: De Soto Women’s Liftfoil Speed Trisuit, Item #: 47-011150, Regular price: $189.95

Deal #5 – Men’s Tri Shorts effectively 47% plus Free Shipping on entire order.
OneTri.com 2XU Men’s Comp Tri Shorts 2011 $40 gift card w/purchase and free shipping on entire order (use code: gc40)
Compare to:
TriVillage.com: 2XU Comp Triathlon Short – Men’s Product Code: TWOMTR1200-11, Price: $84.95, Price: $63.71 – You Save 25% ($21.24)
TriathleteSports.com: 2XU Men’s Comp Tri Short – 2011, Price: $84.99, Sale: $75.99, You save $9.00!

Deal #6 – Aero Helmet $95 back w/purchase
OneTri.com: Giro Selector Aero TT Helmet $95 giftcard with purchase. (use code: GC95select)
Compare to:
Rei.com: Giro Selector Bike Helmet $275.00, Item # 823088
RealCyclist.com: Giro Selector Helmet, Item #GIR0331, $274.95
GottaRideBikes.com: GIRO SELECTOR AERO TT HELMET, Code: GIH3268 Price: $274.95

Black Friday Deals for Triathletes (Issue 1)

Update 11/22/11: Click here for the latest Black Friday Sale Updates

Since Black Friday is near there are a lot of us looking for deals. Here’s our attempt to list some of the deals that we have found in various categories specifically for triathletes. We created this new category since we’ve all been thinking about deals as of late. Check back regularly because we’re going to keep adding updates. Also, let us know if you find other great deals. Make sure to check the dates of our posts so you know how relevant they are. We can’t guarantee that the prices we list will stay current forever.

Deal #1 – Women’s Tri Short 55% off
OneTri.com: De Soto Women’s Micro Tri Short 2011 (Clearance) Regular:$55.95 Sale:$25.18
Compare to:
Amazon: DeSoto Women’s Micro Tri Short – 2010 $55.99 (Old Model)
Sports Basement: DeSoto Women’s Micro Tri Shorts 2011 $30.00
DeSoto Women’s Micro Tri Short – 2011 Price: $55.99 Sale: $49.99

Deal #2 – Men’s Tri Short 40% off
OneTri.com: 2XU Men’s Active Tri Shorts 2011 (Clearance) Regular: $59.95 Sale:$35.97
Compare to:
Amazon: 2XU Men’s Active Tri Shorts List Price:$60.00 Price: $44.24
Discount Tri Supply: 2XU Men’s 2011 MT1772B Active Tri Short Price $$42.00
24 Tri: 2XU Men’s Active Tri Short – 2011 Item No.MT1772b Price: $53.49

Deal #3 – Men’s Tri Wetsuit 40% off
OneTri.com: Orca S3 Wetsuit 2011 Men’s Fullsleeve (Clearance) Regular: $198.95 Sale: $119.37
Compare to:
Triathlete Sports: Orca Men’s S3 Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2011 Price: $199.00 Sale: $179.99
All 3 Sports: ORCA S3 TRIATHLON WETSUIT – 2011 MEN’S $198.95 $178.99 Save 11%
Pleasure Sports: Orca Men’s S3 Wetsuit 2011 – Men’s Triathlon Wetsuit Item# YVN5 Regular price: $229.95 Sale price: $154.95 (33% Savings)

Deal #4: Tri Bag effectively 45% off
OneTri.com: Louis Garneau Tri Pack Revo 2011 (CLEARANCE) $119.95 $55 gift card w/purchase (effectively $64.96)
Compare to:
Triathlete Sports: Louis Garneau Tri Pack Revo Bag – 2012 Price: $119.99, Sale: $95.99, You save $24.00!
Amazon: Louis Garneau Tri Pack Revo Bag List Price: $119.95 Price: $95.00 You Save: $24.95 (21%)
Tri Sports: Louis Garneau Tri Pack Revo Item #: 30-111101 Regular price: $119.95

Please note: These are all specific deals we’ve found online. Be sure to check individual store websites for further details, restrictions, and other qualifications. Happy Shopping!