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FINIS Swimsense

Making Sense of your Swim.

The Finis Swimsense is a new high tech device from the swim company Finis. Using technology that’s similar to what’s found on your smart phone for orientation (accelerometers, magnetometers, and other secret stuff) – “Oh look, you’re right side up! Let’s see it sideways!” – this watch senses stroke type, frequency, and lap counts.

That’s correct, it recognizes the freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and the backstroke. Using this technology, the watch is able to help you see that your form is actually faltering as you fatigue.

Plug it into your computer, it’s both Mac and PC compatible, you’re able to graph out and visualize your swim on the computer as you would with another device all triathletes are familiar with, a GPS watch. This nifty feature adds tremendous value to your swim, as you’re able to breakdown your workout in an entirely different way. However be clear that this isn’t a GPS watch, you won’t be able to track your swim with a GPS watch because GPS doesn’t work even a couple of inches under the surface of the water. This watch is specifically designed to track your pool laps without pushing a button. For anybody who spends a good amount of time in the pool this tool is a no brainer.

You can see calories, distance, pace, and time. This means that setting goals and and tracking progress is a little easier, especially if you’re used to seeing data graphed and charted as I am.

This could be very motivating.

As far as battery life, swim use is about 4 hours, so you’re likely to charge it weekly depending on how often you’re swimming. The Finis Swimsense retails for $199.95 and you can find it here: Finis Swimsense