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Congratulations to all Ironman Arizona Participants

Just wanted to say congratulations to our good friend James Nguyen from for finishing Ironman Arizona this past week (a little delayed forgot to click publish). We also wanted to congratulate everybody else who made it to the start line and did their best.

We hope everybody has been getting all their wish list items this holiday season. We are all grateful that we have the opportunity to participate in the great sport of triathlon.

Bike5 Finisher JamesRun1Arizona2013 file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Tri Sports has been in the industry a long time so it’s sad to see this type of situation happen to them. Rather than get into specifics I’ll just post some links to the details that are already available online:

2XU Winter Training Gear

With Kona behind us and colder months looming ahead, northern hemisphere triathletes are discovering that the opportunity for a warm daylight workout session is quickly being replaced with tenebrous training schedules. As each workout becomes subject to harsh winter weather the key to staying safe, snug and stoked lies deep within your stockpile of cold weather training gear and 2XU is eager to keep you in the training game.

2XU Winter Beanie

Ditch your visor in favor of this cold weather training staple. It keeps sweat away from your eyes all the while keeping you safe with its reflective highlights. Plus it helps to keep you warm. Duh.

2XU Active 360 Run Jacket

Lightweight and all sorts of shiny, the Active 360 Run Jacket will keep you comfortable during the entirety of your workout. Constructed with a warm jersey lining the Active 360 features large vents under the arms to help circulate air through the jacket while you run, keeping your microclimate comfy and cool, not sticky and sweaty. The jacket has only 1 small zip pocket, suitable for keys, but it remains fairly difficult to access making it unideal for storing nutrition. Perfect for short to medium runs the Active 360 will have you training safely and stylishly.

2XU Sub Zero Cycle Jacket

There comes a point in the season where a jersey and arm warmers simply don’t insulate enough. While I don’t recommend cycling in negative degree weather, the Sub Zero Cycle Jacket is designed to do precisely that (albeit as 2XU is Australian they are most likely referencing Celsius, not Fahrenheit). One of the most thought out cycling jacket designs that I’ve seen, the Sub Zero angles its rear pockets allowing easy access while riding and keeps those pockets deep so you can keep extra tubes and nutrition on your back without the fear that they will eject when you hit a rough patch in the road. Comfortably lined with fleece the jacket stays true to 2XU’s design strategy of stitching their garments along the lines of what can be considered a “performance cut”, all at once making it both form fitting and sleek looking.

2XU Men’s Racer Track Pant

When you realize that the idea of leaving your warm and comfy bed to face the stinging winter elements to be shielded by only the thin protection of your summer run shorts isn’t the most motivating means to begin your morning it’s time for a wardrobe upgrade. The Racer Track Pant from 2XU is designed to keep you motivated no matter what the outdoor conditions may be. A basic track pant design, the Racer features two zippered side pockets and drawstring cinching, but where the pant sets itself apart are the outstanding “3D Thermal Knit” high filament polyester yarns. This unique construction will regulate your temperature from the cold and chilly first mile to your steamy and sweaty triumphant finish, meaning that your body will be at a comfortable temperature throughout your workout. Suddenly leaving the shelter of your snug sheets becomes that much easier knowing that you’re perfectly outfitted to battle back against whatever winter weather you may find yourself facing.

Xlab Rocket Pocket

This is the Xlab Rocket Pocket (like a bento box).  It’s small and contoured so that it wouldn’t slip or slide down or around the top tube while resting.  It holds all the essentials like your keys, gels, bars, and IDs.

The Xlab Rocket Pocket is good for use during training and during race day so that you’ll have access to what you need on the bike.

Don’t want to put nutrition in it?  You can also just use it to put tools in there if you prefer.  The sky is the limit.  See this and more Xlab products by going to the Xlab products page.

TRISLIDE and BodyGlide

We’ve all made the same mistake and suffered similar chafing consequences and while we can’t all be “Slippery Pete’s”, the alternative to having a natural friction free sheen has been either BodyGlide or the new to market, TRISLIDE.

Both of these products offer a silicone based formula so that it applies and stays where you want it to, forgoing the days of applying Vaseline or cooking spray which stains clothes, washes away with sweat and is just a generally messy experience. Having used both of the products I was impressed with TRISLIDE’s unique spray applicator approach and diminutive size that won’t hog a lot of space in your transition or gym bag. On the other hand, BodyGlide is every bit as functional as the new kid in school, TRISLIDE, and has more training years, chafe free miles and a tried and true race pedigree to its credit.

You can’t go wrong with either, but without, you’re facing a not so slippery slope of painful swims and running workouts which will ultimately increase recovery time and as a result, an increase in race times. Pick up a stick or can and you’ll know what I mean.

FINIS Swimsense

Making Sense of your Swim.

The Finis Swimsense is a new high tech device from the swim company Finis. Using technology that’s similar to what’s found on your smart phone for orientation (accelerometers, magnetometers, and other secret stuff) – “Oh look, you’re right side up! Let’s see it sideways!” – this watch senses stroke type, frequency, and lap counts.

That’s correct, it recognizes the freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and the backstroke. Using this technology, the watch is able to help you see that your form is actually faltering as you fatigue.

Plug it into your computer, it’s both Mac and PC compatible, you’re able to graph out and visualize your swim on the computer as you would with another device all triathletes are familiar with, a GPS watch. This nifty feature adds tremendous value to your swim, as you’re able to breakdown your workout in an entirely different way. However be clear that this isn’t a GPS watch, you won’t be able to track your swim with a GPS watch because GPS doesn’t work even a couple of inches under the surface of the water. This watch is specifically designed to track your pool laps without pushing a button. For anybody who spends a good amount of time in the pool this tool is a no brainer.

You can see calories, distance, pace, and time. This means that setting goals and and tracking progress is a little easier, especially if you’re used to seeing data graphed and charted as I am.

This could be very motivating.

As far as battery life, swim use is about 4 hours, so you’re likely to charge it weekly depending on how often you’re swimming. The Finis Swimsense retails for $199.95 and you can find it here: Finis Swimsense

Intro – WorldofTri3

I’ve been in the triathlon world over the course of the past 7 years and have certainly gained a wealth of knowledge about the sport amongst most domains.  Producing multiple races myself, competing in my first Ironman at age 23, and now working within the product realm, I can with confidence say, my words within this blog come with backing.  Hopefully my reviews and personal testimonies will aid in helping readers get all they want and more out of this sport.

Intro – burritofanatic

Hi there.  I’m a relatively new triathlete (started in 2009), and have fully immersed myself in the triathlon life style.  I did my first Ironman in Louisville last year, and have signed up for Ironman Arizona this fall, hoping to improve my finishing time. I love triathlon equipment.

Intro – GearReviewer

la triathlon scott plasma with zipp 404 clinchers

I’m a recreational triathlete if there is such a thing. When I started doing triathlon many years ago I spent a lot of time planning and training. Nowadays I don’t have as much time as I have kids and a larger volume of work. I’ll try to squeeze in a triathlon here and there because I don’t want to lose touch. My work is in the field of selling triathlon equipment so you can say it’s part of my job to stay up to date. I can assure you that today my knowledge of equipment far surpasses my knowledge of training and racing. So if you have questions or comments about triathlon gear I’m hoping that this blog resource will be helpful. Please let me and my compadres know when we’re being helpful and also not helpful. I make no promise to be perfect. I only promise to TRY and be helpful.  I tend to write about products that we are seeing at work. So if it at times it seems like I’m peddling it’s probably because I am. It’s my job so consciously or unconsciously it’s happening to some degree or another.

Side note: I’ve been blogging on and off using my blogger account for the last few years. Just recently my cousin convinced me to try out WordPress so I’m giving it a shot. So far I’m liking what I see.