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Xlab Gorilla XT – Highest Grip Carbon Cage

The Xlab Gorilla XT.  If you’re riding on bumpier roads, or you’re paranoid of any bottles flying out your rear hydration systems, this is the cage for you!  Designed for mountain bikers, this is Xlab’s highest grip carbon cage.


Light, sturdy, tight, and tough, your bottles ain’t going anywhere anymore – meaning you can rest assured while going on the trails.  Gone are the days of having to deal with one less bottle on the road or trail.  The Gorilla XT cage installs quickly like any other cage.  So go ahead, jump over that mountain lion, or that neighborhood cat and don’t even think twice about it.

See this and more Xlab products on the Xlab products brand page.

Gatorade G Series Pro

!! NOT THE SUPER MARKET GATORADE!! –  Look carefully, these are rare Gatorade G Series PRO products. They look like stuff in the big stores but they are not. These are different.

The special Gatorade G Series Pro formula is new and exclusive to niche specialty sporting goods stores such as   Divided into three stages of nutrition fueling, each product is formulated to meet an athlete’s needs during training and recovery.

Pre Game Prime G1

Pre-Race/Pre-Event fuel with B vitamins to help convert carbohydrates to energy.

Usage Times:  Drink 15 minutes prior to the start of training or a race.

Nutritional Information (4-oz pouch)

  • Calories: 120
  • Electrolytes: Sodium 110mg, 30mg Potassium
  • Vitamins and minerals:
    • 20% DV Vitamin B3
    • 20% DV Vitamin B5
    • 20% DV Vitamin B6
  • Carbohydrate: 30g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Flavors: Lime, Berry

Perform Endurance G2

14 grams of carbs per serving to replenish spent energy during activity.

One canister makes 19-24oz servings or 57-8 oz. Servings. Each canister is 32 oz.

Gatorade Pro Recover G3

Post performance protein and carbohydrate rehydrating beverage formulated to stimulate glycogen replenishment and promote protein synthesis in muscle after exercise.

Usage Times: Drink within 30-60 minutes after training or competition

Nutrition Information (per 8oz serving)

  • Calories: 110
  • Electrolytes: 105mg Sodium and 40mg Potassium
  • Carbohydrate: 20g
  • Protein: 8g
  • Flavors: Mixed Berry, Orange

Hydration Tablets – Nuun and GU Brew

Hydration tablets, such as Nuun and GU Brew Tablets, are the most convenient form of hydration in our nutrition for triathletes category.

Unknown to a lot of athletes and those new to the sport are  electrolyte solutions in a tablet form that dissolves once you drop it into water.  Containing none or nominal amounts of calories, these tablets taste great, and help keep you hydrated while you train or recover from training.

Do they work?  You betcha.  Taking one of these to prevent or to recover from a hangover after a night out is conclusive proof.  But enough about last weekend.

onetri nuun


Calories: 8

Sodium: 360mg

Potassium: 100mg

GU Brew Tablet

Calories: 10

Sodium 320mg

Potassium: 55mg

Everyone in our office is crazy about them.  During training and on longer course triathlons, these are great because they’re in tube form, and you can easily carry them in a jersey pocket or a special needs bag if needed.  Looking at the numbers above, you can see that both products have the key ingredients of sodium and potassium as an electrolyte replacement.

Nuun has the edge on GU Brew Tablet in terms of nutritional raw numbers, but when deciding which one to stick with, it’s best to sample one of each to see how well you like the variety of flavors.  My favorite is the Nuun Kona Cola.

Hydrotail Blaze Review 2


I’ve noticed there’s been a bit more interest in the Hydrotail Blaze, but not too much stuff on the web about it.  Here’s a post.

Pictured without cages
The Blaze is a new rear hydration system engineered by Beaker Concepts.  Its minimalist design is comparably less bulky than quite of few other hydration systems on the market today.  The system’s best feature are the snap locking design allowing you to adjust its angle after its initial installation with just an allen wrench. With many other systems, once installed, it’s in a fixed position, without much other room for additional configuration.  If you’re so inclined, you can make adjustments while on your ride.
Hydrotail Blaze with Profile Design Stryke Kages


A few nights ago after work, I finally got around to installing my own Blaze on my bike.  Without the detriment (or aid) of any alcoholic beverages, I managed to get the thing installed in about 40 minutes.  Installing the unit was quite intuitive, and the illustration on the instruction sheet was all I needed to figure it out.

Installing main piece onto the seat rails

I removed my seat so that I would have enough room to work the rails.  But before I was able to easily do this, I had to tape the nuts just so they wouldn’t fall off!

I thought I was pretty brilliant here
Securing the enclosure with the snap locking arms – making adjustments

Once I installed the first piece on the rails, everything else fell into place.  All I had to do next was pick the cages I wanted, and screw those on – cake.

The tri bike money shot
C02 cartridge and inflator secured in enclosure

Included is a “bullet” for a second C02 if you want.  The system also includes straps, so you can strap on tubes or tires.  During installation, I noticed the third set of screws on the side facing the bottom, allowing you to put on third cage.

The Test

I went out for a ride yesterday, and had no problems with the system.  I noticed it was a lot more quiet because I no longer have rattling issues like I did with my previous rear hydration system.  I didn’t have to adjust the angling, as it was pretty close, or even exactly, what I was used to from before.


Very cool rear hydration solution.  I’d recommend it to anyone considering a rear hydration system.  The installation was pretty straight forward.  Its design is simple, and it works well with what I want and need.

You can find the Hydrotail Blaze, other Beaker Concepts products, and more at

Hydrotail Blaze

The importance of hydration, and how to functionally do it.

You’ve seen them at races. Mounted behind the seat of the rider, is a fancy hydration system that holds two cages for bottles, and maybe something extra like tubes and cartridges. It’s pretty cool looking, but how do you decide which one to get, and what will work best for you? This topic is a little more heated, as some camps hold the theory that rear hydration systems would slow you down because you’ll have to reach behind, while others simply despise the alternative – myself included when it comes to drink systems that rattle and attach to your aerobars.

I’d like to introduce something pretty awesome that is starting to hit the markets now. The Hydrotail Blaze.

Hydrotail Blaze -

Designed by the innovators at Beaker Concepts, the Blaze has got the edge on the original Hydrotail because it is completely adjustable when it comes to bottle angles and reach. This design solves the problem as presented by an uncomfortable reach behind your seat searching for your bottle. What I additionally like about the Blaze is that there’s an enclosure that allows for C02 and inflator storage, all integrated.


  • Integrated double CO2 cylinder holder
  • Infinite positions for bottles
  • Adapts to your natural reach
  • Easy set up
  • Double Velcro straps included (Does not include cages)

The Cervelo specific adapter for this product is available soon at Nonetheless the product fits all standard seat rails. Cages, tubes, CO2, and other accessories are not included.