Superfeet Insoles Guide for Triathletes

If you’re a triathlete and you don’t already wear insoles you’ve probably thought about using them at one point or another. Here’s a high level guide put together buy One Tri that gives you a rough idea of what insoles to get if you are considering purchasing a set from Superfeet.

Why Superfeet for triathletes:

  • An efficient stride can improve your time and reduce fatigue
  • Lightweight design provides support without weighing your feet down
  • Insoles that are specific to your shoe, specific to your activity, and specific to your feet
  • Truly an athletic insole with anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and air circulating features
  • Superfeet provides top quality foot support and optimum comfort.

Info on Superfeet Insoles for Triathletes

* This content is pulled from the One Tri website and newsletters with permission. I wanted to share it on this site to have a consolidated resource. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

About GearReviewer

I enjoy writing about triathlon equipment because gear enhances the experience of training and racing. Triathlon gear is an extension of ourselves when we race and train. It makes the overall experience more pleasing when you have the right gear for your event.

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