New Tri Deals and Discounts Category (Black Friday)

Since Black Friday is near there are a lot of us looking for deals. We are attempting to list some of the deals that we have found in various categories specifically for triathletes. We created this new Tri Deals Category since we’ve all been thinking about deals as of late. Check back regularly because we’re going to keep adding updates. Also, let us know if you find other great deals. Make sure to check the dates of our posts so you know how relevant they are. We can’t guarantee that the prices we list will stay current forever.

Click Here to see all Tri Discount Updates

In addition to deals we will be looking for specials, discounts, clearance items, promotions, coupons, close-outs, free shipping, etc… Please feel free to share deals that you find with us and we will do our best to update the list. Thanks again for reading. Have fun training and racing.

Please note: These are all specific deals we’ve found online. Be sure to check individual store websites for further details, restrictions, and other qualifications. Happy Shopping!


About GearReviewer

I enjoy writing about triathlon equipment because gear enhances the experience of training and racing. Triathlon gear is an extension of ourselves when we race and train. It makes the overall experience more pleasing when you have the right gear for your event.

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