Aqua Sphere Phantom Wetsuit

When you wear briefs to do all your Ironman triathlons, you probably mean business, or perhaps your name is Faris Al-Sultan (triathlete pro and Ironman World Champion).  The new Aqua Sphere Phantom was developed with significant amount of feedback by pros Faris Al-Sultan and Terenzo Bozzone (triathlete pro and Ironman 70.3 World Champion), leading to a wetsuit that has three patent pending technologies.  I got a chance to preview this suit, and I thought I’d share a few tidbits.

  • Auto Positioning Sleeve – A 5mm forearm band. This band acts as a visual cue to encourage proper hand and arm rotation.  More importantly, it promotes high elbows for good swim form.
  • Core Power System – more than just a fancy name for new technology.  This system is an actual girdle that wraps around your lower back to help stabilize your core while you’re swimming.  Better stable core = better swim form.  This system also helps make the suit a little tighter there to ensure water is kept out.
  • Reserved Zipper – The zipper is “reversed”.  Pulling it down zips it up, and zipping up opens up your suit.  I like this system better.
  • Bio-Stretch Zone – The zone that is referred to here is a 1mm that spans from the front of your arm pit down to your lower back resembling the shape of on side of an apple when you slice it from the top.  This zone is marked by green paneling.  This provides excellent freedom of movement as a result.
  • Automatic Six-Pack – The suit outlines unabashedly outlines a six pack for you, need I say more?
  • Rooted in Aqua Sphere’s long history in Diving, the suit includes a wrist gusset that makes it virtually leak proof on the cuff.
  • Yamamoto 39.

With its price point pegged in the mid-$600, this is considered a high end wetsuit that comes with some very intricate features that is unique to the Phantom.  It’s a very cool suit, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of these on the course.

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