Profile Design – Wahoo Wetsuit Review

Over the weekend at IM 70.3 Oceanside, I spotted a pro female exiting the water in a Profile Design Wahoo.  I did a second take, as I always thought it was merely an entry-level wetsuit!

The truth is that it is an “entry-level” suit, but there’s really more than what meets the eye – and after a bit of research I found the Wahoo to be a pretty killer deal.

Wahoo Profile Design

Priced at $199, the suit was designed by an industry expert in triathlon wetsuits named Karen Sing.  Prior to coming on board with Profile Design, she was the Wetsuit Product Manager at Zoot.  She designed the Wahoo as an entry-level wetsuit, but it has features of wetsuits that cost nearly twice as much.

Carefully thought out and crafted, the suit features:

  • SCS coating!  This is probably the greatest feature on this wetsuit for the price.  SCS (Super Composite Skin) Coating reduces friction, and assists the swimmer to glide through the water better.
  • A lower collar to reduce chafing;
  • 4 mm wetsuit thickness on the front (torso) that goes to the knee for buoyancy and body positioning;
  • 1.5mm sleeve for flexibility and shoulder rotation;
  • Sleeve cuffs are cut higher so it’s easier to get out of the suit (and to check your watch);
  • 3mm leg also cut higher for faster exit in transition;
  • 20 inch YKK zipper (this is money, as any zipper I had growing up that was a YKK never failed me!);
  • Backed by Profile Design’s world-class customer service and warranty.  This is probably what I value the most – they really stand behind their product.  Since I’ve started working in the industry, Profile Design (and a few others) have really stood out when it came to professionalism and attention to the customer.

You can buy noticeable speed with higher end wetsuits on the market, there’s no doubt about it. But the bottom line is that Profile Design Wahoo really is a product of something special. It’s an amazing triathlon suit and extremely well constructed for its price point.

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