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2XU V:2 Wetsuit

I just got a chance to test out the new 2XU V:2, and I’m wholeheartedly impressed with the design and feel of the suit. Like all the other 2XU suits, the fit is its most impressive attribute. Out of everyone I’ve personally fitted, 2XU suits fit people like a glove. For me, the fit translated to an easier and more comfortable swim out in the open water.

The most notable difference in 2XU suits this is that they all come standard with velocity strakes – helping with forward motion. Both the V:1 and Project X wetsuit from last year had them, but they’re now just standard all 2xu wetsuits.

Merit, material, and cut aside, it doesn’t take an experience triathlete to see the cool factor in this suit. The piping and design actually makes you stand out, which would help your friends and family pick you out from the crowd as your entering and exiting the water. This is always a bonus, unless, for some reason, you don’t want to be seen.

Anyway, check the 2XU Velocity V2 tri wetsuit out, and more triathlon wetsuits at

Below is a video on the 2010 Velocity V1 wetsuit. It’s very similar to the 2011 version.

TYR Cat 5 Hurricane Wetsuit Review

TYR has arguably put themselves in a class of their own with the Cat 5 Hurricane Wetsuit. The technology and science behind this suit is simply genius. Let’s begin with what I noticed the instant I tried it on, which I’ve never felt in any other suit:

The 360° Core Stabilization System. What is this and why does it matter? This is a panel on the wetsuit which surrounds the abdominals, providing what feels like a tightening affect. This system allows for two things.

  1. One, optimal body position in the water and
  2. Two, the conservation of precious energy due to not having to constrict your abdominals nearly as much.

Free Range of Motion: The ability to not feel constricted around the neck as well as the arms comes paramount to most triathletes when looking into wetsuits. This goes to say, the flexibility and Free Range of Motion in this suit are unreal. This can be attributed to the use of Yamamoto SCS Rubber which happens to be the lightest and most flexible on the market.

The Form Fitting Wrist Cuffs keep the water out around the writs and the Quick Release Ankle Cuffs allow for the suit to slide right off your feet (which we all know is a real pain in transition).

To sum it up, this suit is going to move with you, not against you.  This isn’t your every day wetsuit to train in. But, if you’re looking for the highest end best performance race wetsuit, here it is.

If you want to try out the TYR Category 5 Hurricane wetsuit here are some options:

1. Buy it:

Click here for the Cat 5 wetsuit for men (full sleeve)

Click here to buy the Cat 5 wetsuit for women (full sleeve)

2. Rent it

Click here to rent the suit at (As of this writing I don’t think any other store in the country rents the Cat 5.)

If you want to see all triathlon wetsuits that One Tri offers you can click here.

Zoot Ultra Kalani and Kane Run Shoe 2010

I am a fan of Zoot Shoes. The Kalani is my 4th pair of Zoot shoes and I have to say that I love this shoe. Ideally this shoe should be used as a high mileage trainer. However for me it has been more pratical to wear them every day and run in them as well. There will be a lot of people who say that I’m killing my shoes, I agree. However I can’t help it because these are likely the most comfortable shoes I’ve had next to the Zoot Ultra Speeds. The upper on these shoes is so soft and comfortable, it’s like wearing a sock. The only reason I’m wearing these every day instead of the Zoot Ultra Speed is because the Speeds are racing flats and they will wear out much more quickly.  I’ve probably only done about 50-80 miles of running in these shoes so far and have to say that I love them. I’m pretty sure I’ve walked over 200 miles in them.

The only difference between the Kane (grey) and Kalani (blue) beside the color is the sole. The Kane is designed to be a stability high mileage trainer and the Kalani is designed to be a high mileage neutral trainer. To find out more just click on the following links to be taken to for the specs:

Kalani (click here) – There is another video of the Kalani on this link.

Kane (click here) – There is another video of the Kane on this link.

Here’s a 360 degree video of my Kalani on my feet. I think they’ve held up pretty well for what I’ve put them through.:

Intro – WorldofTri3

I’ve been in the triathlon world over the course of the past 7 years and have certainly gained a wealth of knowledge about the sport amongst most domains.  Producing multiple races myself, competing in my first Ironman at age 23, and now working within the product realm, I can with confidence say, my words within this blog come with backing.  Hopefully my reviews and personal testimonies will aid in helping readers get all they want and more out of this sport.

Intro – burritofanatic

Hi there.  I’m a relatively new triathlete (started in 2009), and have fully immersed myself in the triathlon life style.  I did my first Ironman in Louisville last year, and have signed up for Ironman Arizona this fall, hoping to improve my finishing time. I love triathlon equipment.

Intro – GearReviewer

la triathlon scott plasma with zipp 404 clinchers

I’m a recreational triathlete if there is such a thing. When I started doing triathlon many years ago I spent a lot of time planning and training. Nowadays I don’t have as much time as I have kids and a larger volume of work. I’ll try to squeeze in a triathlon here and there because I don’t want to lose touch. My work is in the field of selling triathlon equipment so you can say it’s part of my job to stay up to date. I can assure you that today my knowledge of equipment far surpasses my knowledge of training and racing. So if you have questions or comments about triathlon gear I’m hoping that this blog resource will be helpful. Please let me and my compadres know when we’re being helpful and also not helpful. I make no promise to be perfect. I only promise to TRY and be helpful.  I tend to write about products that we are seeing at work. So if it at times it seems like I’m peddling it’s probably because I am. It’s my job so consciously or unconsciously it’s happening to some degree or another.

Side note: I’ve been blogging on and off using my blogger account for the last few years. Just recently my cousin convinced me to try out WordPress so I’m giving it a shot. So far I’m liking what I see.